My Santa Rosa CA Visit: Restaurants, Wineries, & Seeds

I had to make a quick visit to California and I’m going to share all the fun with you.
The first stop is the National Heirloom Expo. I saw fruit, flowers, food, crafts, seeds, listened to great music and got a tickle out of the giant pumpkins. There is also a chicken barn which is a favorite for me. The variety of birds is so much fun to see.
Whenever I travel I have to check out the local scene. Every city is different. Of course they all have shops and restaurants but every city has its own flavor and I love to feel it out. I always check out the same few things, then explore local landmarks, art and parks. Santa Rosa has great coffee. I never got a bad cup, they get kudos for that. The donuts looked better then they tasted. Of course the wine in Sonoma county is the best and they show lots of hospitality
The huge beautiful trees are stunning to walk through. Being close to nature is so my thing.
Salty sea air makes you feel alive but looking out at the ocean makes you feel very small. It just stirs your feelings being close to something so powerful.
The best way to end a nice fun trip is to cross the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge at dawn.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds:

My Full Talk at The National Heirloom Expo 2018:

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